Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cheyenne Mountain 50K

Races hurt! I don't care if it's a 5K, 50K, or 100-miler.  The Cheyenne Mountain 50K was actually my first time racing this distance.  So at least it was a PR.  Some pretty nice trails there in Cheyenne Mountain State Park, but it took a double figure eight course to come up with an ultra distance.  It's never easy to pass by the finish line multiple times before actually getting to stop.  Anyway, I did slip into the top 20 with a 5:33 but far from what I was hoping for.  At least I beat the future Leadman by over an hour.  I hate the term "training race".  I was there to race, not to train. However, on a day that I never really felt good, endured some good pain, and pushed through to the finish, I will chalk it up as a good training race.

I did make a fun weekend of it down in the Springs, getting out on the big mountain (Pikes Peak) the next day.  Kristel and I took on the Incline and then a pleasant, easy run up to Barr Camp in some fresh snow.  I think I have got her convinced to take on a Pikes Peak Marathon some day soon.  A beautiful morning on the mountain and an official start to my altitude training for a couple of fun races in the San Juans that will be here before I know it.

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