Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Horsetooth Lory Loop

Sunrise over Fort Collins (from the Overlook Trail)

I've been sticking to the local trails the last 2 weeks. A short Coyote Ridge/Blue Sky run last Sunday afternoon among the crowds of mountain bikers. Today, another nice loop around Horsetooth and Lory Parks. No people (until near the end), but plenty of deer and one black bear. I wasn't blistering the course, but had a strong low gear for climbing. Ran every step, including some tough climbs up Timber Trail and Mill Creek that usually force me into some intermittent hiking. I guess I was inspired by all those fast Pikes Peak ascents this weekend. Glenn Randall posted a 2:09 for the win at the Ascent on Saturday. My pick, Tim Parr, had a bad day (for him) and a couple of my other picks actually went off-course to drop them out of the running. I can't understand how you can lose the Barr Trail. Matt Carpenter barely held off all the young guns for another win in today's marathon in an "almost human" 3:51. Great race for Nick, 5th overall in 4:00:35. At Leadville, Tony (my pick to win there) dropped out late in the race and I believe he was on record pace. I better not make any more predictions and place my curse on anyone else. Duncan Callahan got the win in 17:43. Strong runs by Brooks, Brownie, and Pete. Only one more race to go for Brownie's Rocky Slam and Pete's Grand Slam.
My course for today.
Swan Johnson, Shoreline, Valley, Arthurs Rock, Overlook, Well Gulch, Timber, Westridge, Howard, Mill Creek, Spring Creek, Herrington, Stout, Towers, Swan Johnson (start and finish at Soderberg Trailhead)
About 17.5 miles and 3900 feet of climbing.

My playground for today (from Howard Trail)

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