Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tumbling into Spring

Hobbled my way through another 5K20 workout this morning (5000 feet, 20 miles).  I like to think I know these trails in Horsetooth and Lory parks well enough that I can almost run them in the dark.  Well with the headlamp batteries fading well before any hint of morning light, I took my best tumble of 2011 down the steep wooden steps of the Horsetooth Rock Trail.  I still slogged my way for about another 4 hours and 17 miles, but I can barely walk on my right ankle now.  A great morning out there on the first day of Spring and completely dry trails.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get back at it soon (with new batteries in the headlamp).

Great seeing so many FCTR at the March Mileage Madness.  I guess I would have been better suited running in the daylight with you all yesterday.  Thanks to Alex for letting me crash your post-run BBQ on a "zero" day for me.

Today's "run"
Southridge-Audra Culver-Horsetooth Rock (with summit)-Soderberg-Spring Creek-Wathen-Westridge-Towers-Mill Creek-Arthurs Rock (with summit)-Valley-Sawmill-Loggers-Carey Springs-Towers-Herrington-Stout-Spring Creek-Horsetooth Falls

20.66 miles, 5146 feet climbed, GPS data here


  1. ouch. ice that ankle! It was nice to meet you Saturday. Good luck training for your 100!

  2. Rob,
    Great meeting you last weekend. Loved your idea of a camping/fatass run in the mountains! That would be a blast. Kyle