Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Snow

The first snow of the season here in Fort Collins yesterday.  Well actually it was only rain in town, but just a little frosting on Horsetooth Mountain.  I had planned a loop over White Pine Mountain (a great fall run), but the storm was significant enough out there to change plans.  I'm never disappointed, however, running the local trails in Horsetooth and Lory Parks.  The cool air this morning felt great!  I even had some company near the end of my run when I hit the Soderberg/Spring Creek junction.  My second bear sighting this year in Horsetooth Park.

Just a week ago we were pushing 90 degrees at the Blue Sky Marathon.  I've added some photos to my sidebar (they are also on the race website) as I once again enjoyed hanging out at the Towers Road aid station.  A great opportunity coming up to run some Fort Collins trails on October 22 and save a life.

A successful controlled burn on Tuesday.


  1. FYI, the new rain background make the right side hard to read.

  2. Kevin- Thanks. I'll play around with it. I like to keep changing the look. I found a cool widget for linking to my Garmin data.

    GZ- Sounds like there have been a ton of bear sightings in Boulder. Sorry Fort Collins couldn't provide you nicer weather this weekend. Good luck at Boulder 100?

  3. Yeah, B100. And for me - I have not been fortunate to spot any bears out there yet. I guess that reflects how little I am getting out there!