Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Summary

The numbers because I've got them.

232 miles with 49131 feet of vertical (9.3 miles)

Trail (15 runs) 219 miles, 41866 feet vertical, 44 hours
Treadmill (3) 13 miles, 7265 feet vertical, 3 hours
Weightlift (5), 4 hours
Road (0)
Track (0)
Rest Days (13)

51 Total Hours

So I pretty much just ran trails and did nothing else this month.  I'm really okay with that since it is what I like to do most.  I do want to get back to the gym more.  I just don't like that place in January with the New Year's invasion.  It should get back to normal soon.

I've managed (am still managing) to get through a broken toe since New Year's Day.  I also survived another mountain lion encounter.  So I should just feel lucky that I can still lace them up and hit the trail again for at least another morning.


  1. So how many cougar sightings does that make? I've been running before sunrise for a few weeks now and am kind of disappointed I haven't seen one. Quit hogging them all.

  2. Four total. Three in Horesetooth Park and 1 at Coyote Ridge. Actually one was running down Shoreline Drive on the way to the trailhead. This last one was at the Soderberg/Spring Creek junction at 5:30am a couple weeks ago.

  3. Impressive January numbers Rob. Your vertical total tells me you've got Hardrock on your mind.