Monday, July 2, 2012

June Summary

The June numbers:
220 miles with 47335 feet of climbing

Trail (12 runs) 143 miles, 45835 feet, 44 hours
Treadmill (5) 44 miles, 1500 feet, 6 hours
Road (3) 21 miles, 3 hours
Track (2) 12 miles, 2 hours
Weight room (4), 3 hours
Rest days (8)

58 total hours

I was a bit shocked to see that I was over 200 miles this month.  Less than half the vertical as Mr. Jaime, but still pretty good.  In a month filled with fires, smoke, trail closures, and a sprained ankle, I think I did about all I could do.  I did spend a lot of time above the timberline, which was the biggest goal of this month.  While it's been triple digit temperatures at home, the weather in the alpine has been spectacular.

Eleven days to Hardrock.  Taper?  I guess since I dropped any real speedwork and the weight room since crunching the ankle, the taper really started in mid-June.  Otherwise, I'll continue with some leisurely trail running and climbing until leaving for Silverton next Wednesday.  Can't wait!

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