Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm Calling You Out Clarkie!

Dear The Nick Clark:

It seems as though rumors of some 2013 Horsetooth Rock summits competition, previously unbeknownst to you, may have filtered through the FCTR ranks.  That is quite unfortunate, as I much preferred my chances without ever informing you of said competition.  Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to formally throw down the gloves and say it is "on" if you are so willing to accept the challenge.  Besides, what fun would it be to defeat someone without them ever knowing they were getting beat?  Also, there would be no opportunity to set an appropriate wager on something so deserving of external motivating factors.  I encourage you to accept this challenge since:

a. You do have the home-court advantage (although it will be reduced significantly in about 6 weeks).
b. As of this writing, I believe you have approximately a 6 or 7 summit lead.
c. Hey, you're "Nick Clark"!

I do hope that your acceptance of this challenge in no way compromises your very detailed and precise training regimen or your racing goals for 2013.  Just remember, that when you are out travelling the world promoting your brand, setting Grand Slam records, earning UROY votes, and continuing your quest toward mountain ultrarunning immortality, I will be in the backyard chalking up another Rock summit ...and another.

For your convenience, I've added a summit tally to my side bar.  My current total sits at 40.  Obviously, we only count summits commencing from a trailhead, or some point outside of the park, but I'm sure you are already counting them that way, as am I.  For example, a multi-summit run would require a return trip to a trailhead, Lory State Park, or some point outside of HMP between summits.  Also, North, South, or Middle (if I can ever get up there) tooth summits all count the same.

Good luck!

The Erskine

p.s. I really think you should visit the family in England again for the holidays this December.


  1. Finally he comes out of the shadows. I think a six'r would be an appropriate wager.

    As far as multi-summits are concerned, I usually consider a return to either a TH or the three-way at Spring Creek/Soderberg as appropriate.

  2. A six'r sounds appropriate. We can call the 3-way intersect a valid restart point as well. So it's official! I suspect things won't change too much for now as I'm happy with the pace you're setting. We'll just have to wait and see what craziness may come of this around November/December:)

  3. Cool - 2 summits in last two days BTW. Thanks for the incentive to get up there in ugly conditions ;-)

  4. Thought I was climbing Everest, not Horsetooth Rock, this morning.

  5. Damn that's gonna be a well earned 6 pack. You're on pace for 153 summits!

  6. Wow. #58 must have been quite the challenge! Does that count as two?

    1. Yes it was! I've got a couple of summits that took over an hour and #58 was one of them. Tonight just 48 hours later and the snow is almost gone.