Wednesday, December 31, 2014


87 summits of my backyard peak this year.  A far cry from my 164 last year and not even close to Clarkie who was near 200 this year.  At least we will be tied starting tomorrow.  I always like the vertical I get when I am chasing summits, but there are just too many great (and lesser-travelled) trails out here that frequently steer me away from the Horsetooth Rock.

These last few months of 2014 have been filled with some great Fall running from the Wasatch Front in Utah to the Appalachian Trail in Maine, and of course the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  Mild weather and snow-free trails had been the norm around here, at least until the last week.

2015 will potentially have me running three of the most rugged and remote mountain ultras in Colorado: Hardrock 100Never Summer 100K, and the Beetle Kill 200K (all within a 5-week period).  Should be fun!

(Update: Unfortunately, Beetle Kill 200K is not happening this year, so I'll be doing the Ouray 100 instead.)

Some highlights from the last few months:


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  1. Dude, photo #3 is fantastic!! The red steps towards peace, dusting of snow on the evergreens, & that one fallen branch covered in snow is so inviting!! Excellent Photos & Happy 2015!!! Cheers