Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hardrock 2015

No race report this year.  Hardrock is not a "race" anyway.  For the first time in 4 years I did not get a spot in Hardrock.  But as I would learn, you don't need a spot in Hardrock to be a part of Hardrock.  I was left behind at the starting line, geared up and ready to go (#2 on the waitlist).  After experiencing this event as a spectator and pacer for the first time, however, I feel I may have learned even more than if I had run it.  I can't wait for the next opportunity when it comes.  Until then, I will just keeping coming to Silverton to be a "part" of Hardrock every year.

Congrats to Adam Wilcox on a great race just 2 weeks after a strong Western States!  I had a blast sharing his adventure from Ouray to the finish line.

Congrats to all who kissed the rock in 2015!

Watching the action at Grouse Gulch

Adam picks up Kristel at Grouse

Approaching Kroger's Canteen around midnight

A quick bite for the pacer in Telluride

Sunrise on the descent from Oscar's Pass

A beautiful morning climbing out of Chapman

Final grunt up to Grant-Swamp Pass

A still frozen Island Lake below

Descending the Putnam Ridge

Adam getting congrats from an excited AJW.  Western/Hardrock complete!

Long overdue!  Kari crushing her 1st Hardrock! 5th place female!

And a finish to Hardrock we will never forget:  video here

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