Wednesday, January 6, 2021


I'm pretty sure I covered more miles and climbed more mountains in 2020 than any other year, however the only number that I logged was 206.  I climbed my favorite local mountain to the top of the Horsetooth Rock 206 times this year.  This was a new personal best and probably more than any human has ever climbed this mountain in one year.

No races for me in 2020.  It's too bad I couldn't have tested my fitness in a race given all the work I put in, but it just didn't work out for me in this year marred by COVID-19.  Instead, I put my focus into completing the Colorado Trail which was by far my highlight of 2020 adventures.

So what's up for 2021?  I'm seriously considering a Nolan's 14 attempt this summer.  I spent a lot of time studying and scouting this line in 2019 and would love to give it a shot this year.  I would also like to make an FKT attempt on the Hundred Mile Wilderness.  I tried a couple of months ago, but didn't really plan or execute very well.  November was not the best time to do it fast.  Finally, I am registered for the Bear 100 in September.  Unfortunately, I lost my spot in Hardrock, leaving me with very mixed emotions about an event that means so much to me.

So despite all the crap that made 2020 the year that it was, I was grateful for another year of good health and mountain adventures.  That's really my primary goal for 2021 as well.

My friend created this great video.  True resilience through this year of 2020.

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