Monday, November 15, 2010

Crisp Sunday Morning

It's been great exploring lots of trails around the Northern Front Range this Summer and Fall, but with the change in the season (the snow season), most of my trail runs now will be back on the familiar Horsetooth/Lory/Blue Sky network. That's not a bad thing. With so many different loop options, just about every run is a new one. I will also spend less time in the car driving to a trailhead and more time on the trails. The trail conditions were still really good for running despite the snow. A lot of bare ground on the South-facing slopes, very few icy spots, and the snow got no deeper than the ankles in a few spots where I was breaking trail.

Today's run (16-miles):
Swan Johnson-Shoreline-Valley-Arthurs Rock-Overlook-Well Gulch-Timber-Westridge-Howard-Mill Creek-Loggers-Carey Springs-Towers-Herrington-Loggers-Sawmill-Nomad-Towers-Swan Johnson

Start/Finish at Soderberg Trailhead.

GPS data here

View to the West from Lory's Westridge Trail

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