Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horsetooth Rock Summit PR

With a little bit of daylight left this afternoon I decided to put in a good short, but hard workout on the trails. I have never tried to see how fast I could summit Horsetooth Rock, so I knew today would be a PR. I have gotten up there several times around the 35 minute range at the start of longer runs and not by way of the shortest and fastest route (which is still debatable). I was hoping for a sub 30 minute, but instead touched the high point of the north summit at 31:56. I felt like I was really dragging from the start, so I will take it as a good workout and keep that sub 30 as motivation to try again. Nick's 25:26 FKT is safe from me.

My route:
Horsetooth Rock (singletrack from trailhead)/Service Road (where Horsetooth Rock and Southridge trails merge)/Horsetooth Rock singletrack/a bit of Southridge service road near top/Horsetooth Rock to north summit

At 2.34 miles, I think this is the shortest route. However, I think it might be a bit quicker to start going up the Southridge service road from the trailhead instead of the singletrack. I'm quite sure my split at the bench (where Horsetooth Rock and Southridge trails merge) was slower than I have run when going Southridge from the start.

I completed the run by descending the Wathen trail and looping around Spring Creek and Horsetooth Falls back to the trailhead for a total of 6 miles. The park was very peaceful with some light snow flurries breaking out as the sun was setting. A nice way to spend an hour.

GPS data here


  1. Nice work, sir! Pretty sure it's quicker going up Southridge even if it is a bit longer.

  2. Southridge all the way up, or just from the start until hooking back up to Horsetooth Rock Trail singletrack a mile in?

  3. Horsetooth trail to service drive to Southridge as far as it goes then back on H'tooth.