Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maybe Next Year

I didn't even make the first 100 on the waiting list, so no Hardrock for me this year.  I will try again next year with an additional ticket to double my chances.  I've got some ideas for Plan B and will decide soon on when and where I plan to cover 100 miles of trail this summer.

Fast times as expected at Rocky Raccoon on Saturday.  But a 12:44?  Are you kidding me?  That is fast no matter where you run it.  Nice job Ian Sharman.  It looks like he could be in the mix at Western States this year.

Today's run in some fresh snow around Horsetooth and Lory Parks:
16.45 miles, 3769 feet climbed (GPS data here)

Swan Johnson/Shoreline/Valley/Arthurs Rock/Overlook/Well Gulch/Timber/Westridge/Howard/Mill Creek/Spring Creek/Herrington/Towers/Swan Johnson
Start/Finish at Soderberg Trailhead

Spring Creek Trail

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