Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Summary

221 Miles, 6.4 Vertical Miles

The breakdown:
Trail (6 runs) 117 miles, 4.3 vertical miles, 25 hours
Road (6) 62 miles, 0.2 vertical miles
Treadmill (5) 24.5 miles, 1.9 vertical miles
Track (3) 17.5 miles
Strength Training (12)
Rest Days (11)
Longest run (trail run of course) 32.5 miles, 6999 feet vertical, 7.3 hours

Really happy with the volume and balance of training this month.  I was lacking any short, hard (fast) efforts on the trail (i.e. Horsetooth Rock time trial), but I did get in some intense workouts at the track and on the "mill".  I can see that 100 vertical miles for the year is not going to come easy as I am on pace for about 76 right now.

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