Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lost Lake

It's not Hard Rock, but still not a bad destination this morning.  My first time running up the North Fork trail this year.  No snow until the lake at 10,700 feet, but much of the trail down low was underneath the high-flowing North Fork Big Thompson River.  Huge congrats to everyone that kissed the rock in Silverton this weekend!

Today's run: 18.75 miles, 3449 feet climbed, Start/Finish at Dunraven Trailhead in Glen Haven

GPS data here

Submerged trail.

Higher up.

Final climb over the snow field to the lake.


  1. Nice, great info and pics -- I wouldn't have expected that much flooding still. So you kept running through the river???

    Man, is this snow ever gonna melt? Is that Dickinson on the right of the pic of the lake, did it look climbable? I've wanted to head up there sometime, I've read about a reasonable approach from Lost Lake, and another with significant bushwhacking up a wooded ridge near Happily Lost, which could make an interesting loop...or a disastrous tromp through the woods!

  2. I am pretty sure that is Sugarloaf to the right and Rowe to the left (Icefield Pass between the two). Dickinson would be easy to get to from there heading South and probably easier than cutting through the woods from Happily Lost. You could hit a lot of peaks from Lost Lake in a fairly short time (Dunraven, Mummy, Hagues, ...).

    The flooding really wasn't that bad, although I have never seen it like that in many trips up that trail. Maybe two spots (including the picture) where you just have to plunge on through for 50 to 100 feet.

    Great stuff from the Sangres!

  3. And I would also say these peaks look climbable right now, so long as you can get over the snow around treeline. No postholing yesterday morning.