Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pikes Peak Trial Run

Two weeks until my third Pikes Peak Marathon and I thought it was a good time to reacquaint myself to the Barr Trail Highway.  I took a pretty relaxed run/hike from Hydro Street to the "2 miles to summit" sign and was hitting the splits (based on Matt C's pacing calculator) right about on a 3:30 ascent pace (my best is 3:40).  I was feeling like a had a lot left in the tank for those last 2 miles to the summit.  I did run the W's which I don't think I will be able to do in the race.  I just don't think it is worth the extra effort to get ahead of the masses at the start.  I'll probably only lose about 5-10 minutes to my running pace to No Name Creek anyway.  And, of course, the real race doesn't start until A-frame (timberline).

Don't know what shoes I will be wearing.  Wore the Hokas today, but they are done.  A great shoe when new, but no durability for me.  The medial side of the shoe is mashed, the treads are worn smooth and falling off, and I took a sharp rock right up through the EVA foam.  Only 400 miles on them, so not too happy for what I got for $170.  In my opinion, not a good shoe for an overpronater, even with orthotics.  Looks like I'll be running in my worn out Cascadia 6's (500 miles) tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I don't like those shoes either.

It sounds like Matt Carpenter will be racing the marathon again this year, which I am very glad to hear.

Today's run:  Pikes Peak Marathon Course from Hydro Street to "2 to summit" sign and back.
19.65 miles, 6162 feet climbed, GPS data here

Awesome morning just below 13,000 feet.

My turnaround point today.


  1. Hope you and I get to meet out there.

  2. You'll meet me once while I'm still far from the summit and getting my arse out of your way. No seriously, I look for you GZ. Best of luck!

  3. Matt C is officially on the entry list!