Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Summary

191 miles with 31314 feet of vertical (5.9 miles)

Trail (14 runs) 153 miles, 29445 feet, 34 hours
Track (4) 23 miles, 3 hours
Road (2)  10 miles, 1 hour
Treadmill (1) 5 miles, 1869 feet, 1 hour
Weight Room (12) 7 hours
Rest Days 8

Total hours 46

When I was chest deep in snow trying to break trail at the start of this month, I figured the total numbers might be down a little from January.  Well the trails are finally getting back to "runnable" around here with only some intermittent trudging, slipping, and sliding.  At least I got myself reacquainted to speed work this month, always a good thing.


  1. Cheater. You said you'd only log half the mileage I did for Hardrock.

  2. I think you are signed up for about 32 races between now and Hardrock. I've got zero.