Thursday, March 15, 2012

PPM 2012

First official race commitment for 2012.  Pikes Peak, I'll be back!  Hopefully the Ascent will fill quickly so I can resist the urge to "Double" again.  I've got to keep the legs fresh so I can push Kilian to that course record.  At the very least, "Whisper" and I are gonna try to chalk up the top brother/sister team.  Do we get a big rock for that?  Of course, this all hinges on me surviving something in mid-July first.


  1. You're just avoiding me in the Ascent.

  2. This will be my first PPM. Hopefully it's as fun as it looks. Barr Trail was a blast last summer, so this should be twice as fun, eh? Mostly I just wanted to say I ran in a race Kilian also ran.

  3. Brownie- If you are finally going sub 3 this year, then yes I'm avoiding you. Out of my league.

    Brian- Should be a strong FoCo crew for PP weekend as always.