Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Summary

199 miles with 34216 feet of vertical

Trail (12 runs) 178 miles, 31261 feet, 35 hours
Track (2) 13 miles, 2 hours
Treadmill (1) 4 miles, 2955 feet, 1 hour
Road (1), 4 miles, 1 hour
Weight room (8), 4 hours
Rest days (15)

42 hours total

Not bad total numbers considering I took half of the month off.  Less than a third of Pete's miles for March.  And yes, Brownie, a little over half of your 350 but soon my "long" runs will consist of a lot of 1-2 mile per hour climbs up tall mountains, so I'll keep that mileage reasonably low.  Only 104 days to Hardrock!

So after hardly being able to run in the last 2 weeks, I got out for a rare mid-Saturday trip to the trails today.  It's great to live in such an active town, but damn, was everyone out on the trails today?  Was hoping for a quick run at Coyote Ridge.  The ranger informs me that there is no parking left.  So I cruise up to Soderberg trailhead thinking I'll get in a Towers climb.  Soderberg lot full.  Horsetooth Rock?  Sorry.  Finally, I snatch the only available parking spot at Blue Sky trailhead.  Not the ideal spot to start from, but I got in a good 9-mile tempo run on the relatively easy terrain of the Blue Sky trail, dodging mountain bikes the whole way.  I am looking forward to getting back to my early morning routine where I am the first to the trailhead, and usually still the only car in the lot when I finish.

RIP Caballo Blanco.


  1. More proof that Fort runners cheat!

    Why so many rest days?

  2. 15 rest days a month is too many? Oops! Don't worry about me, I'll be ready on July 13. I could give several reasons for the extra rest, but there are no excuses or whining on this blog.

  3. I just hope you're not injured. I want my first win against a FoCo resident to be fair and square.