Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Summary

Another month not quite as planned.  A week off with strep throat, a forest fire, and the continuing busy life where often I have to make the choice of sleep or run.  Somehow I stumble into about the same monthly totals regardless of how I get there.  A model of consistent inconsistency I guess.

I'll give another plug for the Nick Seaman 5K.  Same time, same place, but a different day.  The race was postponed to this Saturday (6/2) due to the fire smoke.  I've been putting down my fastest times on the track in a long time, so watch out.

The plan for June.  A lot of time up high in the mountains, I hope.

The numbers for May:

207 total miles with 38616 feet of vertical

Trail (13 runs), 161 miles, 35961 feet, 34 hours
Track (4), 24 miles, 3 hours
Road (2), 16 miles, 2 hours
Treadmill (1), 6 miles, 2655 feet, 1 hour
Weight Room (8), 6 hours
Rest Days (11)

Total Hours 46


  1. You sound nervous. I think I'll start working on my "Beat Brownie" pacing chart.