Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moonlight on the Rockies (Another Crosier Triple)

In what has now become a spring training ritual, I took on the Crosier Triple this morning.  This consists of 3 summits of the 9200+ foot Crosier Mountain from 3 different trailheads, in one run.  I figured this would be a good measuring stick for me since this was my third May in a row of taking on this 25-mile adventure with close to 7800 feet of climbing.  I was pretty happy with the result (my fastest despite a very conservative effort).

Getting an early start under the moonlight, I was treated to a spectacular view on my first summit (about an hour before sunrise).  What became very evident as the run continued is that we need some moisture.  All of the snow on this mountain is long-gone, all the streams are dried up, and there wasn't a single muddy step on any of the trails.  I am glad it is raining out now.

Congrats to my better half for taking on her first ultra on Saturday at the Greenland 50K.  Tough conditions out there in the heat and not a speck of shade to be found on those trails.

Deanne and little pacers around mile 25 just before calling it a day.

The Crosier Triple profile:

GPS data here


  1. Wow Rob, that is an amazing shot of the moon over the mountains. Looks like you had a great run on Crosier and your preparation for HR is going well. Congrats to Deanne on her first ultra! See you out at QR on Saturday?

  2. Great supermoon pic.
    Looks like one of the hottest days of the year for Deanne, good for her for being out there!

  3. I'll pass your nice comments along to Deanne. If you guys aren't running too fast on Saturday, then you will see me at the Horsetooth Aid Station (Miles 10 and 40). Otherwise, I will catch you post-race for BBQ and beer.