Monday, April 30, 2012

April Summary

I'm digging these sunrises coming earlier and earlier, allowing me to enjoy most of them.  Another solid month in the books.  Although I didn't run anything big (nothing over 4 hours), I did get in a lot of quality workouts.  I'm finally getting serious again in the weight room.  I'm convinced that I can inflict more residual pain on my body in less than one hour in the weight room than I can on any run.  I can only blame this guy, who not only taught me countless ridiculous workouts but also inspires me every day.  On that note, I plan to defend my title at the Nick Seaman 5K benefitting RamStrength on May 19.  I challenge anyone reading this to come out and steal my crown as I have no business winning 5K races.

The proverbial "base" is built, the engine seems to be running as strong as ever in recent memory, and now I'm planning for some more specific Hardrock preparation.  May should provide plenty of (to steal a Clarkism) "mental-callusing" workouts on the likes of Crosier, Round, Greyrock, etc.  By June, the focus will shift to visiting the alpine zone as much as possible (can't wait).  Maybe learn to use my trekking poles.  I haven't decided on that yet.

The April Numbers:

198 Total Miles with 35084 feet of vertical (3rd straight sub 200 month)

Trail (15 runs), 160 miles, 35084 feet vertical, 32 hours
Road (3 runs), 20 miles, 3 hours
Track (3 workouts), 18 miles, 2 hours
Weight Room (8 workouts), 6 hours
Rest Days (9)

Total Hours 43

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