Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crosier Mountain

Creeping a little bit higher in elevation with Crosier Mountain today (elev 9216 feet).  Still not going to get into the "high" country probably until July.  The plan was a "Crosier Triple" which includes 3 summits of Crosier from 3 different trailheads.  I kind of squashed that plan when I flew by the summit turnoff in the dark this morning and found myself well on my way down to Glen Haven.  I still racked up about the same vertical and distance as if I had completed the official triple, I just did it in my own convoluted way.  Met up with Kevin and Daxpy at the Gravel Pit trailhead for a summit run with them.  Just a little snow and slush near the top.

Today's run:
24.52 miles, 7321 feet climbed, GPS data here

An official Crosier Triple (from May 22, 2010)
25 miles, 7870 feet climbed, GPS data here

Kevin and Daxpy leaving the summit.


  1. I almost went back to Crosier yesterday but decided to stay closer to home on Round. I probably would have missed you anyhow since I got off to a European start at about 10:09am. You were probably done and long gone by then.

  2. Yeah, I got done just a little after 10. Thought you might be at Jemez this weekend. You must know every pebble on that Round Mtn trail by now.