Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Summary

Total Miles: 225
Total Vertical Miles: 8.2

Trail: 13 runs, 172 miles, 7.5 vertical miles, 38 hours
Road: 3 runs, 17 miles, 0.1 vertical miles, 3 hours
Track: 5 workouts, 29 miles, 5 hours
Treadmill: 3 workouts, 7 miles, 0.6 vertical miles, 2 hours
Weight Room: 10 workouts, 15 hours
Rest Days: 7

My total mileage was down slightly from April (244 miles), but I set a new personal record for monthly vertical (8.2 vs. 7.9 miles last month).  I probably should start some specific training for the Black Hills 100 (i.e., bigger miles with less vertical).  That was my intention this past weekend, but the valley trails were too muddy (so back to the mountains).  I still have 3.5 weeks, no worries.  At least I kept my perfect winning record alive this month in races for 2011.

Beware of the "Mountain"

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