Friday, May 13, 2011

Room with a view

Just got an office upgrade.  Now I can wish that I was trail running even more when I should be working.  The Forest Service building just barely cuts out Horsetooth Rock but I can see the rest of the Fort Collins foothills that I so often run to the north through Lory State Park all the way to Greyrock and beyond.  Most of the recent snow is rapidly vanishing today.

By the way, I have scrapped the weekly training summary post idea.  Not really the direction I wanted to go with this blog.  If you want my training secrets you can wait for my book, "How to be a middle of the pack ultrarunner on 50 miles per week".  I do still post all of my trail runs on Garmin Connect, at least when I remember my GPS.

Running first 5K in a long time tomorrow.  Think I am more nervous than I would be for an ultra.


  1. All those green and white rigs look familiar...I work at the Northern Hills Ranger District on the Black Hills NF. Certified NEPA nerd.

    You should be nervous....5Ks are MUCH more painful than ultras (in some ways).

  2. Great view!
    Hope the 5k was good.
    I was thinking of writing a similar book, on 70-80mpw. Yours is clearly optimized (though, to be fair, the full title of your book is "...before the sun freaking rises!"), but maybe we could work on a series? The final volume could be 10-20mpw, and include helpful hints like doing obscure events with 3 people, etc.

    Joking aside, I think you're going to great at Black Hills!

  3. Chris, hope you enjoyed Colorado last week. Bighorn redemption awaits you. See you in 6 weeks.

    Mike, the 5K went surprisingly well. I WON!! We'll get working on that book but we'll have to change the title to "middle of the pack ultrarunner and elite 5K runner".