Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to Fly

I might not be flying, but at least I am running a little more swiftly.  I took the plunge on a pair of Hoka Mafates this week.  I was getting tired of the stabbing pain in the left heel every time it struck the ground.  I am hoping this shoe will get me through 100 miles of the Black Hills 3 weeks from now.  The Mafates essentially make running a low-impact activity.  It's kind of like strapping on a couple of Nerf footballs under your feet.  I have to say that I am kind of digging them so far.  Took them out of the box on Wednesday and was clocking 6 minute miles down the street from my house.  I've since done 3 trail runs in them and while I can still feel the PF injury, it's really not slowing me down anymore.  Today was the real test as I logged 42 miles of trails.  I've never run that far continuously until today and I'm ready to get back on the trail tomorrow.  What was really ironic was that I happened to run into one of Hoka's sponsored athletes, Lars Nielsen, down around Devil's Backbone.  I had never seen another person ever even wearing Hokas before until today.  Was this a sign?  Team Hoka for my future?  We'll see.  For now just get me through 24 hours (better yet 23:xx) in the Black Hills on June 25.

Today's run: 41.58 miles, 4285 feet of climbing, (GPS data here)

The course:  Coyote Ridge TH to Devil's Backbone TH to Lory State Park Visitor Center to Coyote Ridge TH (Indian Summer spur both to and from Devil's and loop of the Valley Trails in Horsetooth and Lory)

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