Saturday, June 15, 2013

Comanche Peaks Wilderness

For as long as I can run around in this Wildnerness for hours and hours and not see ANYONE, I'll keep climbing these 11ers and 12ers.  After 13 hours out there today, I'm very close to hitting every piece of trail in the CPW.  Other than some fishermen at the Comanche Reservoir outlet, I only saw 3 hikers near the Big South trailhead as I was just finishing up my run.

Poudre River and the Big South Trail
Not fording the river today.

Munroe Cabin

Still frozen Mirror Lake below

1st to sign the summit register this year!  Emmaline Lake below.



  1. Beautiful. Best wishes at Hardrock.

  2. realy beautiful!!! good look out there at Hardrock - enjoy the experience!!!!
    Best wishes from at last hot dry germany!!

  3. Thanks for the support guys! I'll give Hardrock all I've got and see what she gives back to me. Georg, see you at Bear? I'll be there again, pacing this time.

  4. Beautiful pics, Rob. Speaking of the Bear, Ryan is running it this year and I'm pacing, so we'll see ya there!