Saturday, June 8, 2013


As summer nears and prominent peaks start to call, I will venture to the higher ground.  The oxygen-deprived alpine regions await my arrival as I try to fool my lungs into thinking physical exertion above 13,000 feet is actually commonplace.  The final step as I prepare for my toughest physical challenge (for the 2nd time) in just 5 weeks.  I am so lucky to live near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, where I can find myself in some of the most picturesque settings amidst the tundra, wildflowers, and dramatic mountaintops with only a short drive in the car and quick run to the timberline.  However, I take pride in knowing that the real work has been done right in my backyard.  I pause for at least a brief moment every time I find myself atop Horsetooth Rock and I look down on the wonderful trails which I am so thankful for getting to run on nearly every day.  I paused a little longer on my last summit.  Number 100 for the year.  This is home.


  1. There's your Octa-rock logo right there

  2. Nice job getting to 100 summits. Do you have a goal by year end?

  3. Could be Mike. It's just too bad I can't see Horsetooth and Arthurs through the octagon window.

    Kevin, the goal is at least one more than Nick Clark.