Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hardrock (my next 100?)

This year's Hardrock 100 is currently taking place, almost 39 hours into it and still plenty of runners on the course. Jared Campbell was the first to kiss the rock this morning (legendary at the finish line) with a winning time of 27 hours 18 minutes. Diana Finkel led for most of the race and finished as first woman and 2nd overall in 28 hours 32 minutes. With Darcy Africa in 4th, 2 of the top 4 were women. Nothing wrong with "running like a girl". This race is my ultimate goal, the hardest 100 that I know of (at least in the U.S.) in the beautiful San Juan mountains of Colorado. Since I am now "qualified" with my Bighorn finish, I'll put my name into the hat for next year's lottery. If I don't get in, then I will probably do Leadville. Congrats to Brownie for finishing just a short time ago and making it halfway to the Rocky Mountain Slam.


  1. Careful what you wish for, you just might get in!

    It was fun during the race trying to keep track of the front of the pack. I was told at an aid station that Diana had won the whole thing outright! The chicks at the aid station were all giddy about it.

  2. Yeah, I am not sure if I wish to get in next year or not. I might like to have the experience of at least one more 100 first (probably Leadville). But I can't sit around and wait to get older. Maybe I just do both (plus Bighorn and Bear). That's crazy!

  3. Despite the outcome of my HR100, I still think it's THE race to live for! Get your name in the hat next year!