Sunday, July 11, 2010

Signal Mountain

When I need to satisfy my desire for some alpine tundra, Signal Mountain provides a quick fix. Just a 50 minute drive from Fort Collins to the Dunraven Trailhead by Glen Haven, and then about an hour and a half of running, hiking, or crawling and I am at treeline.

Approaching the summit of Signal Mountain (11,253ft) just above treeline.

It is 5.8 miles from the Dunraven Trailhead to the summit of Signal with about 3500 feet of climbing. If you prefer to "run" most of your trail run, then this one is probably not for you as there are several relentlessly long, rocky uphill grades. Also a good test of your downhill skills on the way back down. Today I tacked on an extra 1.5 miles out and back to Miller Fork near the end of the run. It is only about a 1000 feet down in less than a mile. Oh yeah, it is also 1000 feet back up (ouch).

The views from the top of Signal Mountain are hard to beat in this area.

Another view from the summit.

Number of other people seen over my three and a half hours on the trail = 0. Pretty surprising for a Sunday morning in the middle of the summer. Another reason I like this trail.

GPS data for today


  1. Rob - one of my favorites too. I very rarely see people out there either, probably because they're all too busy getting stuck in hiker jams in the 14ers.

    The view of the Mummies from Signal is unsurpassed.

  2. Nick,
    I'll be taking on one of those busy 14ers this weekend (Longs Peak). Hope to summit and be on the way down before the masses arrive. Good luck at the Barr Trail race this weekend. Hear you got a lot riding on a top 10 finish.