Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anti-minimalist shoe

I took another shot at a sub 30 minute Horsetooth summit today, the result a 31:05.  This was a new PR, but I still know I can do better.  I tried to chase "Proud Daddy" Clark up the hill today and maybe went out a little too fast (10:14 split at mile 1).  Anyway, Nick lowered the standard today with a smokin' 23:50 (details here).  On our return loop through the park, Nick commented on my shoes and how I probably could shave a good minute with something more lightweight.  The North Face Ultra 106 Goretex (shown above) were a great shoe for me last winter (actually the 104's last year) as I trudged through snow-covered trails for several months.  So I got a new pair for this winter, but haven't really needed them yet (I prefer the Brooks Cascadias).  No doubt these shoes are monsters, so I decided to weigh my shoes this afternoon and found my size 13 Ultras to be a whopping 20.8 ounces per shoe.  Not a complete dry weight with a little sweat still on them, but still heavier than I thought.  I figure if I run through the winter in these boots I'll have the leg strength to fly over the San Juan mountains come July 8.  However, next time I go for a Horsetooth summit PR in dry conditions like today, I'll probably throw on my beat up Cascadias (size 12.5, 14.7 ounces).

After today's run, I realized that December will actually be my highest mileage month of the year.  I guess the increased opportunity to get out on the trails this month combined with the fact that these trails could be buried in snow any day (like tomorrow) has motivated me to rack up some trail miles.

Today's run:
Horsetooth Rock Trail (with Southridge shortcut near top): 2.34 miles to summit (31:05)
Return via Wathen, Spring Creek, Horsetooth Falls
7.32 miles total with 1813 feet vertical (GPS data here)

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