Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chubby Cheeks 50K (6:26:36)

Well the long-awaited event finally arrived and it certainly didn't dissapoint.  I evened up my score with this course with a pretty strong run today, but more importantly got to spend some time on the trails with some old and new friends.  I don't know if Horsetooth and Lory Parks has ever had this many accomplished trail runners out on the trails all at one time before.  We had near perfect trail conditions on a nice crisp December day.  Big thanks to Nick for hosting the first (we hope of many) Chubby Cheeks (aka El Chubbo Grande, Chubster, Chubbapalooza, ...) Fort Collins Fat-Ass.

Some more pictures from the day can be seen here

GPS data here

Garmin had the 50K course at 31.36 miles with 6858 feet of climbing.

Pete Stevenson tearing up the course today.

No shortage of climbing.


  1. Great to see you post-run. And thanks for the brews. Hope you can make it down for the PP version.

    Loved those FoCo trails, it was my first trip out there. Need to get my ass up there for a Towers time trial!

  2. It was great to run with you yesterday. Wow, you have become quite the trail running monster! Impressive run especialy especially considering that it came at the end of a big week that included course marking. I hope your Hardrock plans work out. You are sure to have a great 2011.

  3. Brownie, you earned those brews. Looks like we are 1-1 now after you schooled me at Bighorn. Official results had you just 5 minutes slower than me though (oh wait you ran the Marathon). Hope to get down for PP. I believe the 12/30 Towers TT will be the one to attend (something about a beer mile).

    Yeah Alex, you and I have to step our game up in 2011 so we can try to keep up with the likes of Clark and Stevenson (or at least in the same zip code).

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Good to meet you on Saturday, and I will definitely be around for the beer mile. Sounds insane and possibly dangerous for my digestion, why would I miss it??

  5. I'll be down for the 8AM start once again in the Springs. And this time I promise I won't get lost and show up late.

  6. Rob - great work out there on Saturday, and thanks for your help in getting the course set up/torn down - a huge help.

    Pretty stoked to see how close to the mark the distance was. I think we have a certifiable 50k here.