Sunday, December 12, 2010

FoCo R2R2R

Sunrise from Horsetooth Rock (summit 1)
 I was looking for about 4 hours today on the Horsetooth and Lory trails with a good amount of climbing.  What I ended up doing was a first for me.  I'll call it Fort Collins' version of R2R2R (Horsetooth Rock to Arthurs Rock to Horsetooth Rock).  I didn't take the most direct route in either direction and instead made a nice loop of it.  I usually don't even bother to tag these summits, but I have kind of been on a summit tagging binge lately.  Just under 20 miles for the day and just over 5000 feet of climbing.  Trail conditions are perfect right now for El Chubbo.

Today's Course:
Southridge-Audra Culver-Horsetooth Rock (to summit)-Westridge-Towers-Mill Creek-Howard-Arthurs Rock (to summit)-Valley-Sawmill-Loggers-Herrington-Spring Creek-Wathen-Horsetooth Rock (to summit)-Southridge.

Start/Finish at Horsetooth Mountain Trailhead.

GPS data here

Horsetooth Rock as viewed from Arthurs Rock (summit 2)

Arthurs Rock in the distant as viewed from Horsetooth Rock (summit 3)

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