Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Summary

Numbers, numbers, numbers.  Part of me doesn't want to log another statistic and just go out and run.  But in the end, I do like to compare my progress over past years.  Then I figure it is good to share the numbers since I also like to see what others do in their training.  My non-running friends still can't believe me when I say I know many people who run nearly twice the mileage that I do.  Really it is just finding that balance that works for you individually, so I have no intentions of ever trying to break 3000 miles or some other magic number.  Besides, "total miles" is not that important of a statistic when it comes to trail running.  So here are the numbers for me in 2011.

2400 total miles with 83 miles of climbing (2010: 2281, 65)

Trail: 126 runs, 1717 miles, 66 miles vertical, 373 hours
Road:  45 runs, 320 miles, 1 mile vertical
Treadmill:  40 workouts, 190 miles, 16 miles vertical
Track: 30 workouts, 173 miles
Weight room:  119 workouts (approx 100 hours)
Rest days: 128

Monthly breakdown
January: 221 miles, 6.5 miles vertical
Februrary:  208, 6.2
March:       211, 6.3
April:         244, 7.9
May:          225, 8.2
June:          251, 7.2
July:           177, 6.4
August:      172, 6.5
September: 118, 4.6
October:     188, 6.7
November: 187, 6.3
December: 198, 10.3

Pretty consistent year with really only one down month in September.  I guess it was only fitting that I ended up exactly at 2400 miles for the year (didn't plan that) since I seem to hover around 200 miles a month.  With over 10 miles of vertical in December I think it is safe to say that Hardrock training has already begun.

Summits tagged in 2011:

Horsetooth Rock (elev 7208ft), 26 times
Arthurs Rock (elev 6772ft), 8 times
Round Mountain (elev 8458ft), 4 times
Greyrock Mountain (elev 7613ft), 3 times
Pikes Peak (elev 14,115ft)
Mount Meeker (elev 13,911ft)
West White Pine Mountain (elev 10,302ft)
Crosier Mountain (elev 9216ft)

Final reflections on 2011:

I'm really happy to see another year where I have been able to set a bunch of personal training records despite another year of wear and tear on the body.  This year was by far my biggest year of trail running.  At 373 hours (over an hour per day average on a trail), I feel like I am finally taking full advantage of the great resources I have here in Fort Collins and doing what I love to do most.  Winning my first race ever was a huge highlight for me as I thought it probably never would happen.  But it was no comparison to the biggest highlight of my running year, which was completing the last quarter mile of the Black Hills 100 with my daughter Madison.

Looking ahead to 2012:

Obviously, the Hardrock 100 will be the focus for my next 7 months.  Not that I needed any extra motivation to get out and run up mountains, but I know how privileged I am to be able to compete in this epic event and I want to give it everything I've got.  I have also put the Pikes Peak Marathon on my 2012 schedule.  I feel I still have a much better race in me for that mountain and if the rumours are true, I would love to witness what could be one of the most historical events in the sport of mountain running.  Kilian vs. Matt?

Racing is really just a tiny morsel of my trail running life and, as always, I look forward to exploring many new trails and summitting new peaks in 2012.  It is fantastic to see the trail running community here in Fort Collins continue to thrive and grow.  I expect the new Quad Rock races in May to be a true celebration of this.  Finally, I greatly appreciate the friendships and support of the other trail runners I have gotten to know over the past few years.  Happy New Year and see you on the trail!

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  1. Nice year! Looks very likely that I'll be at Quad Rock in May. The 50 would be a great tune-up run for the Bighorn 100.