Sunday, December 4, 2011

Silverton Bound

I felt such a calmness as I stood atop Horsetooth Rock this morning.  Fort Collins sitting below me in a frozen quietness.  The first light of the day exposing the glorious snow-covered Front Range.  I often like to pause and spend a few moments soaking it all in and thinking about how lucky I am to enjoy these Colorado mountains on my well-travelled feet.  The Hardrock lottery would be later in the morning and while I was hoping this would be the year, I told myself I really can't be disappointed if the outcome didn't go in my favor.  These Colorado mountains would still be here for me to enjoy regardless.  Well, as it turns out, I am #4 on the wait list.  I will be in Silverton on July 13, 2012, ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy a few pics from the morning.  Trail conditions will be a little different this year for Chubby Cheeks, but really just an excuse to run a little slower and take in the awesome scenery.  At least no one should have to break trail by Saturday (I took care of a fair amount of that this morning).

Fort Collins is going "ultra" on May 12, 2012 (should be snow-free).  Registration for the Quad Rock 50 (and 25-mile option) opens this Wednesday, December 7.

Audra Culver Trail

Westridge Trail

Mill Creek Trail

Getting the legs "Hardrock-ready"


  1. Psyched for you Rob!

    CC is going to be a slog fest.

  2. I glanced at the Hardrock list and saw your name on there. Congrats! Also, the Quad Rock looks very cool. I'm seriously considering running the Bighorn 100 next summer. QR50 would be a good tuneup.

  3. Chris - QR50 will be very cool! Maybe you can recruit some more Black Hills entries down here.