Thursday, December 8, 2011

Latest Chubby Conditions

No waist deep snow drifts or breaking trail like on Sunday.  Conditions actually were pretty good today.  Some ankle deep fluffy stuff, some nice compacted snow, some bare and dry trails, and not much mud or ice.  If the temps stay cool as expected until Saturday, we should be in pretty good shape for the 2nd annual El Chubbo.

Well Gulch Trail

Overlook Trail

Valley Trail

Mill Creek Link Trail

Howard Trail

Timber Trail


  1. Thanks for the update and for marking the trails in Lory. I'm looking forward to running with you some tomorrow or at least saying "hi" as you fly by. Are you starting at 7:00?

  2. Yeah, I'm gonna take the 7am wave so I can get done before dark. See you tomorrow.