Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Summary

Here are the numbers:

I'll lace up the trail shoes tomorrow morning to kick off an even bigger month in July.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Comanche Peaks Wilderness

For as long as I can run around in this Wildnerness for hours and hours and not see ANYONE, I'll keep climbing these 11ers and 12ers.  After 13 hours out there today, I'm very close to hitting every piece of trail in the CPW.  Other than some fishermen at the Comanche Reservoir outlet, I only saw 3 hikers near the Big South trailhead as I was just finishing up my run.

Poudre River and the Big South Trail
Not fording the river today.

Munroe Cabin

Still frozen Mirror Lake below

1st to sign the summit register this year!  Emmaline Lake below.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


As summer nears and prominent peaks start to call, I will venture to the higher ground.  The oxygen-deprived alpine regions await my arrival as I try to fool my lungs into thinking physical exertion above 13,000 feet is actually commonplace.  The final step as I prepare for my toughest physical challenge (for the 2nd time) in just 5 weeks.  I am so lucky to live near the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, where I can find myself in some of the most picturesque settings amidst the tundra, wildflowers, and dramatic mountaintops with only a short drive in the car and quick run to the timberline.  However, I take pride in knowing that the real work has been done right in my backyard.  I pause for at least a brief moment every time I find myself atop Horsetooth Rock and I look down on the wonderful trails which I am so thankful for getting to run on nearly every day.  I paused a little longer on my last summit.  Number 100 for the year.  This is home.