Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So here is my annual end-of-year summary where I usually wrap up all the numbers and totals for the previous year.  However, I quit logging the numbers sometime around May 2013.  In fact, I rarely even wear a watch anymore when I head out for a run.  After more than 20 years of logging every run or workout, I no longer saw the need for it.  I am no less motivated as a result and think I only trained harder.  Probably because it feels less like "training" and more like something I just like to do.  The only number I continued to keep track of this past year, and the only number I have to report, is my number of Horsetooth Rock summits: 164.  I can't be completely sure, but I am guessing I climbed to the top of those rocks more than anyone else in 2013.  There's probably only one guy close to that, but he fell a full dozen short of 164.  A good wheat or IPA should suffice, Nick.

I have reset the summit counter for the new year and put up the race calendar as it stands so far for 2014.  Looking forward to many more fun adventures this year on the trail!