Sunday, April 24, 2011

9 Weeks to Black Hills

Reservoir Ridge
Slog - to plod (one's way) perseveringly especially against difficulty (Merriam-Webster)

My week in review:  Monday slog, Tuesday semi-slog (track), Wednesday slog, Thursday slog, Friday slog, Saturday rest, Sunday run (finally)

At least there was no walking:

One of the new signs along Foothills Trail.  No shame in walking?
The week in a little more detail:
Monday - Coyote Ridge/Rim Rock (6.9 miles, 1050 feet vertical, GPS data here), Strength training

Tuesday - CSU Track (10x400/400, 5x200/200, 1 mile warm up and cool down, 7 miles total)

Wednesday - Coyote Ridge/Indian Summer (10.67 miles, 1699 feet vertical, GPS data here)

Thursday - Horsetooth Rock time trial with Kevin (PR? not even close), return via Wathen/Horsetooth Falls (5.94 miles, 1646 feet vertical, GPS data here), Strength training

Friday - Coyote Ridge/Indian Summer (10.6 miles, 1678 feet vertical, GPS data here)

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Foothills Trail/Reservoir Ridge (13.04 miles, 2184 feet vertical, GPS data here)

Just grinding through it this week.  Rather than going long for what would have been another slog on Sunday, I decided to push the pace on a shorter distance.  I was 7 minutes off my PR on this run, but by far my best run of the week.

Weekly totals: 54.15 miles, 8257 feet vertical

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  1. Keep practicing. Try again tomorrow. Good stuff.