Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greyrock 3-pack (almost)

Went after some vertical today back at Greyrock.  The plan was a 3-pack (3 loops, 3 summits) which would have been about 22.5 miles and 7500 feet of vertical.  With heavy and accumulating snow on the 3rd loop, I skipped the 3rd summit (3 loops, 2 summits), but still more climbing that I have done in one run since January.  The snow was actually a welcome sight with the nearby Crystal Fire burning this morning.  I got a pretty good view of it on my first summit when it was still dark.  I'm guessing now that a full Greyrock 6-pack (the idea of some masochistic trail runner) is going to take me probably 14 hours.  We'll see.  You really can't get too much speed going even on the downhills on these trails unless you are looking to make a face plant.  At least I think I've got the summit route figured out finally.

Today's run:
Greyrock 2.5-pack
20.68 miles with 6814 feet of climbing, GPS data here

Early morning double rainbow

80 degrees yesterday, snow today


  1. Impressive run out there today Rob especially with the crazy weather. I'm really sad (but not really) that I will have to miss the 6-pack since it is happening the day before Colorado Marathon. Maybe next year.

  2. You certainly might be the one of the only people that figures out a good, predictable summit route -- I don't think I've ever taken the same way twice, up or down, and a group at work once got lost ("teambuilding") for an extra hour or two. Nice work!

    Cool pics, if YOU can't beat the weather (by getting up at 0-dark-30 for your runs), than nobody can!
    And, a double rainbow....whoa! WHOAAAA! What does it MEAN?

  3. Alex: You'll be up in Poudre Canyon anyway. You might as well warm up at Greyrock and then jog over to the Marathon start.

    Mike: Yes I am dialed in on a summit route. There can't be any wasted time or effort on a 6-pack attempt. And, dude, it was just a double rainbow.