Sunday, April 10, 2011

Afternoon Stroll

It was very strange pulling into the Horsetooth Rock parking lot with so many cars.  I had to apologize to the girl in the permit booth for pulling in through the wrong lane (lane for those needing a daily permit).  Normally I'm the first car in the lot well before sunrise and at least a few hours before anyone is manning the permit booth.  But anyway, despite my abnormally late start, it was nice to see the park by the late afternoon light and not having to bother with a headlamp.  I got up high on Westridge Trail in Lory State Park for a view of the Crystal Fire.  It was still smoldering, but luckily some wet and colder weather really helped get it under control this week.  It would sure be nice for a lot more moisture though.  I'll take some wet and messy trails for a while if that is what it takes.

Some more smoking fast times at the American River 50 on Saturday.  Congrats to Dave Mackey (5:55) and Ellie Greenwood (6:25, 7th overall) on their wins.  Fort Collins strong again with 3rd (Sir Nick 6:00) and 5th (Burch 6:09).  It's amazing to see these trail runners putting down some fast "road" times for 50 miles or more.

Today's run:
Horsetooth Falls/Spring Creek/Herrington/Stout/Sawmill/Valley/Arthurs Rock (with summit)/Timber/Westridge/Howard/Mill Creek/Loggers/Herrington/Spring Creek/Soderberg/Southridge
18.89 miles with 4341 feet of climbing (GPS data here)

Other trail runs this week:
Coyote Ridge/Indian Summer
10.64 miles with 1703 feet of climbing (GPS data here)

The hills straight ahead were ablaze one week ago.

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